Funeral For Iceyfeet1234`s Great Grandmother.

Gill1097 Edit : For all you heartless souls, out there, Icey did NOT shcedule this, neither did he “shout out to the world” . I planned this funeral for him. If you have something to say , please comment, and i will be SURE to talk to you on xat.

Iceyfeet Edit: I would like this funeral to be for IW only, because my Great Grandmother wanted her funeral for family only. So if she asks for a family only funeral, then all IW family will be invited.

Yes, as much as it pains me to say this, Icey`s great grandma died around 10:20 pm – 10:30 pm est on August 21st 2010. His great grandma has been sick for a while now, and IW gave our hopes to her, and now we give our hearts to Icey`s family. We wish your grandma lives peacefully in the great skys of heaven ~Gill1097~

We`ll be holding a funeral for this sad event.

Where? Sub Zero

When? Sunday August 22nd 2010

Times : 3:00 pm est

                2:00 pm central

                1:00 pm mountain

               12:00 pm pacific

               8:00 pm U.K

Please be kind to icey these next few days, as he is vulnerable right now, give him your hopes and wishes for his family.

P.S – If ACP and allies are invading at this time, dont worry about them. We will go to this funeral instead. If acp and allies dont care , than they dont have hearts.

~Gill1097 IW 4ic~

165 Responses

  1. I can come

  2. I’ll bring mah tuxedo an FIRST

  3. Ahh,Moment of silence for his great grandmother—————————–DONE!!!!!!!

    • For noobs……………………………………..DONT ASK ICEY FOR MOD,OWNER,PROMOS (I know I shouldnt be talking but ill give it a rest too).

  4. i hope his grandmother has a nice rest and peace and hope she enjoyed her life and the days she lived. She will now njoy heaven . I know how feel icey im really sorry she died. i should stop talking or you might cry hope you dont get to sad icey. bye!

  5. im coming right away this is a sad moment

  6. Lol. I never even saw my great grandparents on both sides of the family. They died before I was born. So, Icey was lucky to have great grandparents. Yet, now we feel sorry for his loss.

    • My great grandmother died before I was born too.Luckly,My Great grandpa is still alive and well.

      • my great grandmother is still alive and is 92 so in a few years she will have passed to and my grandmother died 2 years ago the only real family my mom has left is me and my uncle her sister and father ( who wasnt a really great father) died when she was 22 and her sister died in 1970 something so ist been tough for her and i should really shut up now shouldent i

      • Yes, Pinkster. You really should shut up now.

  7. I’ll tell ACP not to invade

  8. Iceyfeet Edit: I can promise youll ill say that once you lose someone in your family.

    This is ridiculous.

  9. My great grandma died when I was in 7th grade… Well, ACP already invaded Sub Zero so idk what your edit means Gill.

  10. Imma come…hmmm…pink sparkly dress and IW uniform aint gonna match….

  11. D= I shall come. Sorry Icey, I feel really bad now…

  12. I´ll come. I am sorry that your grandmother died…

  13. icy so sorry about your grandmother. she had a great life and you should be happy about that. i will try to come to the funeral if i can.

  14. Maybe sorry icey 😦

  15. im coming definetly

  16. sorry iceyfeet i feel bad 😦 i can’t make it i’ve got a pool party

  17. I’m sorry about that Icey.

  18. The invsion is Monday, today was the Army party

  19. We all feel bad i hope you can get well you should know that now shes in a much better place

  20. I will come but i dont know yet and im sorry about your great grandmother but she is in heaven right now watching over you.Also I know how you feel icey.

  21. IM on ACP and I feel bad for your grandma so ill come I wont attack moment of silence for her ………………………………………….. how you feel icey sorry 😦

  22. i feel bad for you icey but i dont think making a computer funeral is a bad idea 😦

  23. No offence or anything, but did you really have to schedule it at the exact same time as the raiding of the party..

  24. Im sorry icey for ure loss. I know wat it feels like i lost my grandad a couple of years ago. ill try my best to come.

  25. lol loopi

  26. i am ACP and i know icey and i will come as a IW gust


  27. Hahaha Icey is lieing now to be saved by ACP

  28. Oh, and by the way, Sub Zero belongs to the Rebel Penguin Federation. Please mobilize all your funeral goers to a server that is within USIW boundries. Thank you.

  29. My mom didnt even get to see any of her grandparents..i have a step dad real dad died before i was born..i never saw my great grandparents..i am sorry icey i always wished she would live i tried to keep faith..keep faith icey…May hope,peace,love and faith be with you and your family coming to this event…love ya icey..

  30. Awww thats so sad….. im gonna be there……..

  31. Your scheduling it on a server that you don’t own…

    We’ll still let you have the funeral but only if we can keep someone on the IW chat to make sure nothing fishy happens.


    Nice comment, say hi to sainten for me kk?

  33. i might……i will try

  34. Im such a noob, i want to lick my mom and dads dirty little cunts so i could cum in them , and they will cum too. i want to cum all over my self and lick my body so i get turned on

    icyfeet is lying that his grand ma died so he can get plubicty and get more recurits and call the war off cause he know he is losing this war against the acp

    • Your parents are lying when they say I love you. -.- How does that feel asshole? Not so good huh? So i would shut the fuck up before i really start.

      • i dont really care wat u say u little mother r fucker go fuck ur self and icey go to hell

      • You should get a life you little 8 year old. Go suck more cream out of twinkies before you parents abandon you again



  35. Icey i know how you feel

  36. I am sorry for your loss but really..I think this matter would have been better if it was kept private. Some things aren’t meant to be known by people you don’t really know. Also the inconsiderate ass holes will disrespect you. Anyway I am sorry for your Loss and you will be in my prayers. 🙂

  37. Icey ino how it feels a couple years ago in 2007 my dad died he slipped in a lake and no one was with him but then soem neighbors found him when they were sailing and helped and brought him to the hospital and they did all that they could do *cries*

    R.I.P Dad

  38. my condolences Icey.

  39. I’m sorry to hear about your grandmother, but there’s no need to hold a Club Penguin funeral for her…

  40. Well i think he should keep it private and stop begging for sympathy

  41. i am so sorry icey. 😥 im sorry i missed the funeral,i came on as soon as i got home from visiting a cousin.
    may she rest in peace

  42. sorry for the lost

  43. i missed the funereal i am sorry. my great great aunt died on August 12th (sister of my great grandmother) im very lucky i have one great grandparent left and two step great grandparents. God Bless Your Great Grandmother. And Let Those Who Sustained Her Loss ummmm i forgot the lines…

  44. srry im late its sad

  45. i dont think i can come. sorry icey

  46. Icey i am sorry, very. But i dont think this should be on Club Penguin.

  47. icey man im so mad srry i wish i had been to the funeral srry and if u could add me illl help u

  48. I feel abd for having to go just as it was starting 😥

  49. My condolences to you icey my pap died last week i know how it feels Acp has hearts and will not invade

  50. I’m coming…. I’ll make a banner after its done =D

  51. I feel sorry, and I will include you in meh prayers, but 1 part of me wants to say OMG YOU LIAR!!!
    Have a nice day.

  52. Sorry for your loss icey i hope god lets her watch u grow up in heaven 😦 i hate death. Best wishes for your grandmother icey

  53. So sorry Icey. My parents banned me from the computer for no reason so I couldn’t come. I’m sad they had to ban me then.

  54. Im so sorry icey. i know how it feels to lose somebody u love. Im there…

  55. herberts ar nerds

  56. To all of you like Person who dont care about this, you DONT HAVE A HEART. Losing ANYONE from your family is very sad. This is not a political move by Icey -.- He is sad about this, and everyone who doesnt care should all go in a corner and rot there.

  57. The more I think about it, the more real it seems.

  58. can all of u stop saying something about (this is boring) show some respect for icey hes lost someone this happens to everyone srry to hear that icey 😦
    Thank u

  59. I am really sorry I missed it icey. It stinks to lose grandparents and some ppl acting like it is a joke, “fun cp army event” , or a political tactic probably isn’t helping

  60. I am sorry for your loss icey. The Shadow Troops will be with you in your time of need.

  61. it was my birthday on the 22nd no jokess

  62. I never thought my post would get 130 comments

  63. ok i know this is weird that im doing this since me and icyfeet hate each other but i have to say im sorry about your great grandmother.that really sucks :'{ 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 and seriously people your talking about armies raiding the funeral?thats stupid.jeez respect your leader! its depressing eneough 4 him that she passed away u should help him through these hard times 😮 i feel so bad 4 icyfeet…

  64. I hope rpf rots in hell.

  65. calm down i was thinking of actully helping u guys now since i dont really hate u guys anymore

  66. yea i was thinking of helping and making an alliance so we can destroy our enemies

  67. you grandmother had a great life im sure and will rest in peace

  68. Sorry for your loss but the funeral on CP isn’t needed. Everyone lose’s family, it’s a part of life.

  69. “Iceys grandma is a britsh prick!”
    I lost all pity for you when you called motor that.
    Go getta life. Stop asking for more pity for yourself.

    • totally agree with you man dont listen to the racist bitch iceyfeet this is probably a load of crap and i dont give a fuck if i burn in hell because im a racist prick and i hate black people

  70. sorry about ur lost icyfeet

  71. Icey if this is true then this needs to be kept in your private life not in the world of computers I

  72. My grandfather died and your deleting my comments so you look better

  73. Iceyfeet1234 I am ftom ACP yes please dont say #### off ACP

    • srry i didnt mean to send the first comment
      Well im very sorry that your Grandmother passed away
      and im religous so yes i pray to God to take care of her
      Matre10 laughed when i told him that your Grandmother passed away on ACP xat.

      P.S I might be quitting ACP and join IW

    • srry i didnt mean to send the first comment
      Well im very sorry that your Grandmother passed away
      and im religous so yes i pray to God to take care of her
      Matre10 laughed when i told him that your Grandmother passed away on ACP xat.

      P.S I might be quitting ACP and join IW.

  74. 😥 may god bless u and ur family 😦

    cheer up 🙂

  75. 157th!!!!!!!!!


  76. i feel rlly bad for u but my great grandma is still alive

  77. i know how it feels i have only one grandparent still alive

  78. let’s have a moment of silence for Icey’s grandmother. *silence added here* I hope Icey will be OK……….

  79. My condolences


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