Invasions of Sub Zero, Christmas, Frozen, and Sleet.

Edit 1: Hey guys, Gill here, I will be gone for about 10 days or so  due to family leave, starting today (thursday) , Friday , So cya then!

Invasion will take place on Klondike if the server is full half an hour before the battle. Come half an hour early!

Hey, Wake up! We lost our biggest servers, so now we are going to take them back.

Invasion of Sub Zero

Day: Friday August 27th (TOMMAROW!!!!)


12 EST

11 Central

10 MST



Place: Sub Zero, all over


Invasion of Christmas

Date: Saturday August 28th


12 EST

11 CST

10 MST



Place: Christmas, All over


Invasion of Frozen

Date: Saturday, August 28th




12 MST

11 PST


Place: Frozen, all over.


Invasion of Sleet

Date: Sunday August 29th


12 EST

11 CST

10 MST



Place: Sleet, all over.

These battles are crucial. Its very important you come. The battles will last a half hour each.  Promotions might happen…



52 Responses

  1. i think i can come to most of them

  2. I cant make any of em xD

  3. i can come

  4. I cant come to sleet and frozen but others I can.

  5. No Gmt as far as I can see…..

  6. I will try and make all of them

  7. I can’t come to the Invasion of Sub Zero, but I will come to the other ones.

  8. I can’t come to any of them.

  9. 10th aw shucks….
    i am 99.9999999999999999999999999% percent sure i can come

  10. i dont know maybe weekend ones

  11. FINALLY when was the last time we posted a war WOOOOT i will do what i can to come but life always butts in so idk i will try

  12. I am 9.9% im sure i can come

  13. These are too early for me -.- im not allowed on the comp before 12:00 PM PST

  14. THE EPF ARMY is planning to create the biggest war club penguin has ever seen. Most of you will know that ACP are the biggest army on cp. I would like to start a war with them using every single army we can get our hands on. You can help by sending messages to every army you know and asking them if they will join us and take over ACP’s main server (which is breeze). We need to get as many penguins as possible together to fight ACP and to defeat them. We really need your help on this so please talk to every single army you know and ask them to help. I am hoping to put all the armies that agree to help in an alliance which will be known as THE DELTA ALLIANCE. So please help. Get as many armies as you can to join.

  15. sorry cant probably come to the second one

  16. a lot of people wont be able to come to the invasion of sub zero

  17. i can come

  18. i cant come! :tear: i have school 😦 if i could i would but i can’t hope we win! 🙂

  19. im not sure if i can come. I’m doing an interview with ctv and i dont know what time its at…

  20. i can probly make all of them

  21. ooohhh noooooooo

  22. Can come to all besides Friday one.

  23. im the only one in my army but I asked someone to watch gay porn with me and then he quit! there goes my dreams, also I measured my dick and its 1 inch when im hard so ha!

  24. I can go to everyone except friday.If i dont come on saturday at 10 am im probably asleep

  25. Epic fail from you guys for not noticing we invaded all your main servers xD

  26. Im definatly coming lets open a case of woop assprin.

    Plus my army might help.

  27. coming duh

  28. Im coming.

  29. Im coming and my army is helping

  30. ill be there

  31. OMG.

  32. Awww. Come on. I missed the first, I think. 😦


  34. hey Arctic and Icey, i wont be able to make to Frozen, Christmas, or Sleet since I have soccer tournament those days. srry, i wish i could come.


  35. Sorry I Havent Been Making A lot Of Things ButI Said I Wouldn’t Be Able To Make As Much Stuff As My Brother Could Before. My Family Is Busier Since Then. We Have More Family Time Then Free Time. I AM Trying My Best I Promise. Please Don’t Count This Against Me But Theres Nothing I Can Do. My Mom Doesn’t Let Me Use Her Labtop. So Sorry I Mean It. I Will Keep Trying My Best But It’s Not Working Out.

  36. Here Not in order

  37. For pics and videos of the war, click this link!


  39. hey artic congrats on getting the job on cpac. And Icey Iv lost a lot of faith in this army. If U r British here Icey called us British Pricks

  40. o yea i can make sleet today

  41. acp is gonna keep those servers

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