I am dissapointed

Well, today we tried to retake our capital. Now I realize today was a weekday, but we had 20 on chat. But we had a max of 8 on CP. Only 8. Everyone else on chat was blatently ignoring every order I gave.  I am VERY dissapointed with this.  The invasions tommarow are’nt cancled, but I want to see a MUCH better performance.  No matter whos leading.

36 Responses

  1. 1st

  2. 1st, u did great Arctic and u were a wonderful leader!!!

  3. Pwned mate.

  4. What! we didnt win we didnt win against the ones who r number 9 best army EPIC FAIL

  5. not u btw artic ur a great leader its just impossible to beleive 😦 tbh icey should improve the chat and bann whoever is here just to chit chat and not fight our wars there is alot of those

  6. Sorry I wasn’t here today. I will probably be at the Christmas and maybe the Sleet.

  7. oh you tell them artic (un)

  8. wont be here for a week. vacation

  9. im sorry ever so sorry i wasnt there. i forgot what time it was and when i looked back to check i realized i’d missed it

  10. rpf owns but im gay so dont be mean

  11. I was at school 😛

  12. artic school has started but you are a great leader

  13. Artic You scheduled a battle at 11 AM ON A SCHOOL DAY what do you expect?

  14. Most of RPF was at school too, oh well.

  15. Yata, yata, yata!!! Who cares that your disappointed?! Other armies have like 4 or 5 battles in a week and have enough time to prepare, and this army has like 2 battles in a day! I’m totally quitting this stupid army!!!

  16. yup school has began

  17. Thats called ACP, RPF, and DCP vs IW. But IW did great!

    • i already have a fail pic of you, and you seriously dont want the count to go up *no*

      • Was it from the Nacho rebellion I made 1 and a half years ago? Cuz that was the first major invasion the nachos had to do in a year xD . A regular person can start a war with one snowball lol

        Motto- Never throw a snowball at Person1233

  18. Seriously… dude.

  19. do you think its weird if I watch gay porn?

  20. hei my comments arent showing :l


  22. u could make the times a bit later

  23. i was in school!!!!

  24. Epic fail today too, my gay porn subscription expired again.

  25. i tryed to tell them but they werent following orders

  26. i was there 😦

  27. ok, who didnt go and ignored the orders? WTF. ppl need to stop being lazy, and pick the slack!!! i cant work in IW much for the wars, cuz of school. but i know that YOU STILL NEED TO DO WORK! IW chat is NOT just for chatting..we need to be at wars! follow orders, and you might get to be up in high ranks(with good work.) i would be dissipointed, too, artic.

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