A Fun Event ^-^

Thank Ruggy for this idea.

I’m bringing back an almost forgotten thing that used to be done back to recruit in the early days of IW. And yes, this is meant to be fun. To the new generation of IW troops, I present to you the McDonald’s Igloo event.

So how does this work?

First, we need to use someone’s igloo to host the event. The best igloo out there to use is Iceyfeet’s since his was built to have this one of a kind event! So we’ll be using his igloo to host the McDonald’s event. If he’s somehow not present, then we’ll either use my igloo or someone else’s. After that, we’ll go out and advertise to bring customers in! Below are the details to when this is all going to happen.

 Fun Recruiting Event: McDonalds

When: Thursday, February 23rd

Server: To be announced on chat

Times: 6PM EST || 5PM CST || 4PM MST ||  3PM PST

Hey, it might sound strange, but it’s worked before! Let’s give this a shot!

Thanks for reading! Comment if you can come or not!


20 Responses

  1. I should be able to come ^.^

  2. I could come if I knew the uk time

  3. Cant come because I will be at school.

  4. Sounds cool. I’ll be there.

  5. Albert is sexy.

  6. And Hamster, the UK time would be 11 PM

  7. Btw, I got bored so I decided to check up on le site. 😀

  8. yes i’m so going on the event 🙂

  9. btw which igloo r we going to do the Mcdonalds event

  10. I’ll try to come. My mom is very unpredictable.

  11. should be able to come

  12. omg I love these fun events. Hope I can make it!

  13. If Icey can’t come, don’t worry. My igloo will be ready in time for the event.


  15. Did we even freaking do this event?

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