Inactivity, Due To A Death.

I Will be In-active For A While.

My Grandfather is Dead.

I will be in-active for about 3-5 days.

My grandfather has passed on, and I must attend his funeral, in Holland.

You wont see me on much in this period of time.



33 Responses

  1. Sorry about your grandfather. R.I.P

  2. Sorry about that

  3. My grandmother died about a week ago.
    Death sucks, right.

  4. Aww. R.i.p Dale. I remember my dad died months ago. Its ok Dale. I’ll help you get through this tought time in your family.

  5. Couldn’t you tell us on chat

  6. I am soo sorry. ;(

  7. R.I.P. Dale’s gramp. 😦

  8. That’s sad how ur grandfather died it reminds me of my grandparents from mexico sadly they were dead except my grandparents in california because they’re still alive 😦

  9. Sorry to hear that. 😦 RIP Dale’s Grandfather.

  10. sorry for your loss i hope hes in a better place now

  11. Sorry Dale ;( The mother from one of my classmates died 2 weeks ago…
    Your grandfather is now at a better place.

  12. Sorry about your grandfather 😦

  13. Wow….. I’m so so very sorry Dale. He is in a better place now, and is looking down upon you watching over you making sure you are safe…

  14. That’s a good reason to go inactive. See ya when your ready Dale.

  15. I was strolling around on CPAC and found this.
    I’m srry Dale for your lost. I hope where ever your grandfather is, he’s okay and fine.

  16. i was just troloing around and saw this, my grandfather passed away as well in january… get better!

  17. Sorry about your grandfather Dale. No need to post on SMAC during those days.

  18. I know what its like my Grandad died in 2006

  19. I’m so sorry! *hug*

  20. Very sorry for your loss. I’m so sorry. My aunt is struggling now, too in these tough times. 😦
    ~Tootsiepop 6

  21. You have my sympathy Dale, R.I.P Dale’s Grandfather.


  22. I’m sorry about your Grandfather Dale, I’m sure he’s in a good place. 🙂

  23. I’m sorry I didn’t comment sooner. I offer you my deepest and dearest sympathies.

  24. I’m sorry for your loss, I’ve never had a death in my family so I don’t know how I’ll take it if one happens.

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