Server Cleansing – Decent Results

Server Cleansing

Decent Results..

Hello Ice Warriors, Today on the 25th Of April, 2012, European Troops had some Server Cleansing to do. We did 3 Servers, and I attempted to Vary the Rooms. Although the servers were pretty much empty, and that this was in very short notice, the overall cleansing went decent. As we Only Managed to reach 8+, and Averaged 5+, I decided we could all share the Tactics. Everyone had their turn, Ect.. Most of us Performed well. Except someone on Chat called “Miky514” (No Offense Miky) Who didn’t seem to get into line, and ordered strange Tactics like “JUNK YARD” and “KICK IN THE NUTS” Our performance was slightly Slow, but In the end we got there. Although I can say I am pleased with the Results, I except better in the Future. That is all. Here are some Pictures (Click Read More)


21 Responses

  1. 1st

  2. guys I had internet problems all day long I wasn’t in the server cleaning I think someone hacked to my player

  3. ok I have to tell you the truth I hacked to your player/
    (I am a guy from his class)

  4. sun of a bich

  5. so guys I am not that crazy like in the post

  6. so you admit that you are crazy

  7. that’s it I am changing my password (he wont bother you anymore)

  8. what are you stupid why are you reputing yourself

  9. u go girlll :3 we did great

  10. Miky stop we all know that is you!!! Everybody knows its fake!!!

  11. lion p is also a guy from my class

  12. ok the truth is i helped him hack to your account

  13. WTF now you hacked my account!

  14. layer don’t know your password

  15. Miky just please stop that…

  16. lets stop it bye

  17. The results were pretty decent.

  18. 21st!

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