Hello, fellow Ice Warriors, Magma781 here. I just wanted to let everyone know, that soon there will be a new system introduced to IW.

Such as an honor system to comend people for all their hard work in IW. You may ask, “What are ribbons?” in the military ribbons are given to people whom are deemed worthy of having that type of ribbon. But, for IW we will have all types, from achievements to a really important battle. Those whom attend, can receive ribbons, and add to their collection :D. Or simply just reaching moderator rank, you can get a determination ribbon! As we go along, we will create more ribbons etc, but right now I have 3 ribbons to start us off:

This is the distinguished ribbon, awarded to troops who stand out above the rest.

This is the determination ribbon, for those who reach moderator-owner rank.

 This is our purple heart ribbon, for owners whom retired during service.


8 Responses

  1. Secondy!!!

  2. Did you get permission to do this? =P

    And Nice idea.

  3. You need more than just 3….

  4. They look awesome, Magma.

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