Banner Contest!

We will be holding a banner contest for all IW and non-IW troops. Anyone is able to enter, but there will only be 3 banners selected in the finals that will represent IW on other websites. The winning prize of the banner contest will be a contributer job on the IW site for 2 weeks. The banner must obviously be blue, and contain a CP IW penguin or a custom IW penguin. Other than that, the contest will work like any other. Everyone will have up until Saturday night, January 12th, to finish there banner. We will have 1 big poll, with the winners being the top 3 banners. Here’s a recap on all the info:

  • Must contain a CP IW penguin or a custom IW penguin.

  • Must be finished by Saturday night, January 12th.

  • Voting will last for 1 week, and will end on Saturday night, January 19th.

  • Prize will be contributer on the IW site for 2 weeks.

Please comment your submissions in THIS post.

The IW custom penguin links will be edited into this post on Friday.

bye for now,

~ Iceyfeet1234