Matter at hand

Jack Edit: A few minutes after I made the post below, Matthew 94 raged in the comment. For this, I demoted him to Warrant Officer.


Jack Edit: Matthew, you earned moderation and messed it up when I told you if you did it one more time you would get in trouble. I was gonna argue with Aqua about keeping you mod until I saw everything he said and found the video of you abusing.

Jack Edit #2: P.S. Here is the video you wanted

Right now im using my wii u so ignore the gramatical errors. Im very dissapointed that this had come unnoticed. Matthew94, one of our iw mods, has done a mass abusing, just as reddude has recently done. It wasnt as horrible, but it shouldnt be ignored. Conciquences will be actioned. Matthew94 has been demoted to the rank of CAPTAIN and will have to go through IWTC and pass if he ever wants mod again. Also, Aj, im sorry I couldnt attend iwtc, I had alot of HW. Matthew94, yoy know what you did wrong and this is unacceptable. THIS WILL NEVER HAPPEN AGAIN. IW HAS UPGRADED THEIR STRICTNESS, AND I WILL NOT EVER ALLOW THIS. IF ANYONE MASS-ABUSES AGAIN THIS WILL RESULT IN A PERMANENT FIRING. If you’re wondering how I found out, I searched ‘Ice Warriors Chat’ and found a video of Matthew94 abusing. Who knew after watching Kelly Clarkson, I’d find out something that hadnt been revealed. I’ll post the video I found recorded by IceCold, one of the IW site workers, once I get on my computer. That is all. -Aquabluejet

The message below is for Ice Cold

Ice Cold, thank you very much for the video of Matthew94 abusing people on Ice Warriors chat, and for that, you are rewarded with 5 medals. Congratulations, Ice Cold.     Jack

Events for the Remainder of the Week

Ben’s Edit: A note to all of our soldiers, as of 10:00 AM EST, xat is having connection problems and is unable to work.  Don’t think the xat is getting hacked, because every other xat is like ours.

So after a bit of confusion on the Pirates side, it looks like we will be at war again very soon. In order to try and prepare for this as much as possible, I ask that IW troops come to these events, as they will benefit you. We’ll be having a few sessions of recruiting + training for the USA and Europeans in order to keep us active and not make us fall into another period of slumber. The details for each one are below.

❗ Each is worth 5 medals ❗

Recruiting Session [Everyone]

Date: Sunday, January 13th

Server: Husky


8:00PM UK

3:00PM EST

2:00PM CST

1:00PM MST 

12:00PM PST

We’re having multiple events so that we have a better chance at doing well on any of them.


~Albert417, IW Leader

We Saved Our Capital!

Hello, Ice Warriors! This is Jack here and today, we had a little invasion from Pirates so, we got on and battled back, with the help of ACP, of course. And, as you can see from the title, we won! Sadly, nobody took pictures but I got one picture of Waterkid100 surrendering. Here it is!


Behind the scenes of the Pirates chat…

Good job to everyone who participated in the event. Thank you, ACP, for your wonderful help and cooperation.

Sub Zero remains our capital and it shall stay that way!


Medals for coming: 10!


Goodbye.. for now.

Jack|Ice Warriors 2ic|