Training/Recruiting Session 1/23/13 Results

Today, we have done a pretty good job on CP. Having the opportunity to have replaced the invasion of SWAT with a regular training/recruiting session, we did just as well as we did yesterday. [We will not be warring on SWAT anymore at this point]. I was quite pleased with the size we had, but not so much with the tactics. Many of our tactics were pretty off, and I believe it was due to some lag on the server. Now, I don’t know how to necessarily fix the problem for everyone, but I hope something can be done very soon

We actually managed to get average sizes of 30 and a max of 35 troops throughout the event. I was pretty glad to see that our recruiting worked out in the meantime. This event was worth 5 medals. Pictures have been posted below.


Well done.

~Albert417, IW Leader

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  1. 1st!

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