January going into February [EVENTS]

Overall, we had a great month this year, going from 8th to 4th, and then 3rd in the top ten, and then soon getting into an alliance war which was soon quickly won. It will be February soon, and I think we should end January with a bang with a few great events. For this week, I want to focus on possibly getting past sizes of 25-30+, and that could only happen if the party was gone (doesn’t mean it was horrible) but we need to continue to show that we are a big and a very organized army.

We are also not helping anyone in the ACP vs DW war. With all that being said, I have made a few events for each division: for the US, UK, and Australia. Take a look below.


Saturday, February 2nd:

4. Practice Battle with SWAT

Server: TBA


8:00PM UK

3:00PM EST

2:00PM CST

1:00PM MST

12:00PM PST

The first 3 events are worth 5 medals, the last one is worth 10. Also, if you didn’t know yet, promotions have been done, so make sure to check the ranks page for your name.


~Albert417, IW Leader

16 Responses

  1. I can come to the US+Australian events, but not the UK ones. Lion P or Mara will have to lead those.

  2. thought there was one on Super Bowl

  3. I might be able to make all US Events :3

  4. I can come to the 4th and 2nd one.I will tyr to make it to all the events.

  5. I can’t come to all the events because I have to go to school while these events are going on

  6. i won’t be able to come to Tuesday Wednsday or Thursday but i can come to Saturday one.

  7. I can come to Tuesday’s UK one, Thursday’s UK one but not Saturday or Wednesday’s ones.


    I can come to most

  9. 1. No
    2. Maybe
    3. Maybe
    4. Yes

  10. I guess I can come to all of the UK+EU ones.

  11. 1. no
    2. Yes
    3. Yes.
    4. No

  12. I may make all of US events.. Except Tuesday and Thursday.

  13. 1: Yes
    2: No

  14. hey hey icewarriors..

  15. Albert y did i get banned tell me.

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