New Story: IW Island Adventure

Hello Ice Warriors, Nitro here! Like Aqua, I’ll be making a new story. There will be new chapters every Sunday. Please enjoy!

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Practice Battle With Pirates Results:

Hello, Ice Warriors, and let me tell you, this battle was easy-won, and I’m proud of whoever came. We maxed at around 28, but sadly I only got afew pics since for some reason my prntscr wasn’t working, and no one was taking pics. Our average was around 20, and im proud of how well we did today. We had amazing tactics aswell, at that. Overall, it was a good event. Here are the pics:

CPPA Rage:

Real Pics:

CPPA 3ic Admits Defeat:

Well done, Ice Warriors.

-Aquabluejet, IW 2ic

Mortico (Kaleagasi) Edit: Oh well, we had a nice battle but I would just like to add a strange picture when both armies did the same tactic which was E+9 bomb. ^.^

El Ow El


~Mortico (Kaleagasi), Ice Warriors 5ic.