Creating an Australian-Asian Division

Hello troops,

Today I want to establish a division that many large armies have, one that may be tough to work with. However, that indication will not stop this from being possible. I know we have a handful of troops that can work in this division, but we’ll need more to make it bigger as well.

Obviously, we’ll need a leader, and I’m hoping Ravenpaw (Preicous52), one of our Head Generals, can lead this division. She is very active and very nice to be able to lead. If you’re reading this Raven, please comment on this post to confirm your position.

Anyway, if you live within the continents of Australia and Asia, or would like to join this division anyway, don’t hesitate to comment on this post! Simply comment with the following.

 Penguin Username:


 The current goal is to get as many troops as possible within the next few days so that we can have events for this division!  This will be all for now.

~Albert417, Ice Warriors Leader


15 Responses

  1. First and id like to be in this one cuz itll b easier 4 me 2 go 2 events



  2. Penguin Username: Inzult54312
    Rank: ????
    I live in australia and have school still

  3. Penguin Username: Mcm00
    Rank: Some top mod rank

    I live in the U.S., and sometimes I stay up late, and would be glad to go to a AUS/ASIA event :3

  4. Alb I would like to confirm this position =D, thanks so much. Btw, I will still come to USA events when I can but I will be honored to help with the AUS division.
    Name: Preicous52
    Rank: Head general

  5. If most of the Aus events will be at the same time as the Aus events this week, I would like to join the Australian Division.

    Penguin Username: Lion P.
    Rank: 4ic.

  6. penguin name: cutedolphin3
    rank: lieutenant- u were gonna promote me

    thanks for creating this division. the timings were my idea

  7. lol chris, yep im precious. everyone thinks she/I retired. . . when I only went inactive for the time being XD

  8. albert ur timings r wrong, india is 5 and a half hrs ahead uk so it should be 6:30 here

  9. 1. Aquabluejet1
    2. 2ic
    I can only make AUS events in the morning, so don’t expect me to attend all of them.

  10. Name: Shadowaddel8
    Rank: Captain
    I can attend few events on weekends

  11. 1. Jamie
    2. Highest mod
    3. I can only attend some morning ones.

  12. Hey guys!

    I’m called Ghal6742, and I’m friends with Lion P.

    I’m a beginner and I don’t know much, so yeah.

  13. Adding on to that, I think I’m 17th or something

    And I can only attend some events because I’m from Asia

  14. sry my other acc is a bit glitchy so im testing this one :3

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