Training Session on Sub Zero Results [5/2/15]

Greetings Ice Warriors,

Today, we logged onto the server of Sub Zero for a training session, in which we maxed 32 and averaged 28. Not bad, we just need to work on doing the tactics on time, but we will improve. Read on for the pictures of the event.

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Proof that DCP Multilogs… again

This post may seem a bit misshapen as it was put together on several different occasions.


1: In THIS picture, you will count 22 penguins, yet in the pictures of DCP’s chat further down (taken at the same event), you will count only 21 penguins. How is it that DCP has more penguins on CP than on their chat? Only around 2/3 of army’s chats usually log on for events, so how is DCP getting an extra penguin? And this was an empty server so there’s no rogues.

2: Below are four pictures from a DCP event, taken by different penguins, put into a website from It studies the image and shows technical details which, when put together, prove those four pictures were taken by the same person.

Image 1 – Taken by Candycakes

Image 2 – Taken by Wild Banana

Image 3 – Taken by Chilly1357

Image 4 – Taken by The Ken

Hello CP Army Community,

As I’m sure you know, we caught Jester multi-logging recently, whilst he was in DCP. Well it seems that army hasn’t learnt it’s lesson – only this time they were even stupider, not even attempting to cover their tracks.

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There is a HUGE Battle today! Make sure you attend the battle, if we reach 55+ Penguins online for this battle there will be DOUBLE Promotions and MEMBERSHIP GIVEAWAYS!!!


[US/UK] Tactical Training Event

Hello Ice Warriors,

Today we held a US and UK tactical training event. We maxed 29 and averaged 24, but I know we can do better!

Make sure you attend as many events as possible, and you could win prizes such as a membership.

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My Last RUN || Return Of Dan

Hola, Ice Warriors,

As I promised in my retirement post, I have Re-Join IW for my last and final run. Get ready we all are here. TIME TO RISE!!!!!!