Hey Ice Warriors!

I am proud to announce that I will be again taking the leadership of the Ice Warriors in an attempt to try and continue the success the army has seen in the past year. As leader, I want to restore the lost bond with the retired troops of the army – which is something maybe that the army has lacked recently, as this is a key part of success that we will have in the future. The veterans will play a key role in building the army, as well the new troops and the current ones that we have. Andrew has undoubtedly done well, but as always there are things that can be improved in any army.

A few immediate changes are being made:

  • The ranks will be changed from the current ”Level” system to the original system of rankings, with named ranks for each position.
  • In roughly a week at least one new owner will be chosen to replace imminently leaving people, as well as Andrew.
  • All retired leaders will have owner reinstated onto chat, while all retired owners will have moderator reinstated.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask!


IW Leader


9 Responses

  1. U LOSER


  3. Good to see you back 😀


  5. yay funks is back! ;D

  6. Welcome home Funks.

  7. Hey there! Glad to see your back! 🙂


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