Lol @ Funks

I personally think its hilarious that you call out Ghost saying how he’s a complete failure after one bad event after you have had 2+ years of bad events. I would happily take Ghost over any other leader i’ve ever led with. And i’ve led with tons of  great leaders such as Freezie, Silverburg, Elmikey, Waterkid, Mustapha, Toy and tons of others.  You can call him out all you want but if you’re gonna do that look at your own IW leadership in the past as it was a failure. Hell look at any of your past leaderships as they’re all failures like yourself. You did nothing but call your friends to events, you never had any leadership skill and you never will. While you were leading your 20+ max water viking events, Ghost and I were leading 60+ max events daily. We relied on actual troops where you relied on your 20 owners and all of the people on y’alls friends-list.

But if you wanna compare events lets go ahead!

Funks is God


When Ghost and I were leading – Doubt you even hit 2k.

240+ Apps where there was still 6 hours left in the day.


Wow so big funks so big. such prime


Iw vs Wv lol #slammed



Invasion of Ice Palace vs WV


Invasion of Snowmobile vs WV



I’m gonna start comparing the events we had on the same day.

WV – July 13th

IW – july 13th



WV – July 14th

IW – July 14th


WV – July 18th

IW – July 18th



WV – July 20th

WV – July 20th [2nd event]

IW – July 20th

IW – July 20th [2nd event]


WV – July 21st

WV – July 21st

IW – July 21st

IW – July 21st



WV – July 22nd

IW – July 22nd



WV – July 23rd

IW – July 23rd



I’m done for now. If you’d like to go further you can if you want, I don’t mind. My point is stop trying to act like you’re some legendary leader when in fact you’re one of the worst leaders this community has seen in a while. You’ve never actually impacted this community other than being a horrible CPAC CEO. In my eyes and many others you are nothing but a piece of shit. All of your armies have been nothing but messes much like yourself. Ghost and I crushed your so called army in 3-4 days, so please you’re nothing.

IW will always be better than WV.

Done with you,





9 Responses

  1. Wv maxing 35-45 rn. iw maxing 5-15

  2. wv sucks

  3. btw 1. im not on xat. havent beeen on since thursday. 2. i have a scar on my right arm 😉 ban the imposter btw

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