Breaking News : Club Penguin has lied about their virtual game that has been shut down!

Hey Ice Warriors!

For those of you that are still around in CP Armies, and for those of you that don’t… Well, Club Penguin has lied about their virtual game that has been shut down. They first announced it on January 30, 2017, that the game would be discontinued on March 29, 2017; sadly they end up as a huge failure for the mobile devices!!!!

Billybob had a fight back against the Club Penguin Team for their failure game that has been launched on mobile, to bring back the Club Penguin game. He also stated that Club Penguin will NOT be closing down, due to unsuccessfully launch.

Do you know what’s that means?!!?

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The End

Wow, what an experience!

This has honestly been a blast getting to know all of you and getting to spend hours a day chatting and having fun. I’ve made tons of friends and even more experiences too learn from. Ill try not to make this too long or sad.

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Closing Credits

Before this post gets off I’d like to thank Iceyfeet for allowing me to rejoin this army and having the opportunity to lead it over the past 2 years.

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Ending the Reign of Ice | Our Last March

This is the last time I’ll ever be writing one of these up, an event results post for IW but a closure as well.

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The Ice Warriors Final Event Video

Footage of the Ice Warriors setting foot on Club Penguin for the last time.

The Final Event


❗ The Final Event ❗

Times: 5:00 PM PST ||| 6:00 PM MST || 7:00 PM CST || 8:00 PM EST || 1:00 AM GMT

Server: Sub Zero

Room: Ice Berg



Throwback: Goodbye Stage, Hello Puffle Berry Mall – June 4th, 2015

Hey Ice Warriors!

Yesterday, I posted about the Frozen Takeover party, and now I bring you another throwback, to when the Stage was removed off the streets of Club Penguin, and replaced by the very popular Puffle Berry Mall.




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