Ice Warriors Chat

 Use this chat for Battle Orders and to chat with fellow Ice Warriors!



Why do we have a Chat?

The Ice Warriors chat was created to help allow communication throughout the army. During battles we need to be able to secretly and quickly give commands to ensure victory. It is important that you are on chat during every event you plan on attending. Chat isn’t just for battles though. During our free time we enjoy having friendly conversations and sometimes have fun contests and games. Chat allows you to meet other fellow Ice Warriors and make new friends.

Is Chat Safe?

The Ice Warriors chat-room is monitored by owners and moderators who’s job is to ensure the safety of all troops. If any of the chat rules are broken, the offender will receive some sort of punishment. We want everyone to be able to enjoy their time here and do so in safe and respectful manner.


Chat Rules

 Inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated. This includes:

  • Swear words are NOT allowed on chat, doodle, or in videos or pictures linked.  The F-word is an auto-ban and any other word that is used and determined by a moderator or owner as inappropriate will be two kicks and a ban.

  • Any advertisements on doodle, PC, PM, main chat, etc. not having to do with IW: 1 hour ban.

  • Any sort of racism or sexism: 1 Kick, then ban.

  • Trolling: 1 hour ban, then 24.

  • Finding or attempting to find a loophole in any of the rules: Possible ban/demotion.

  • Hacking/scamming/phishing. Ban forever.

  • Cyber Bullying: Kick, then ban.

  • Asking for personal information. This includes addresses, city, phone numbers, etc. Your name and state/province is not personal information. 1 hour ban will result in doing this.

  • Glitched names that appear to be invisible are against the rules and are punishable by two kicks before a ban that will last until the user adds text to their name that a moderator or owner is able to click on.

  • If a user who is banned attempts to rejoin the chat using another account or a null account, this is punishable by a demotion to the offender.

Be Calm and Cool

  • Do not say anything that you know will cause a fight. You will be kicked as a warning if you are involved in a fight. If it continues, a ban will follow.

  • Think before saying something you know will break a rule.

  • If you are unsure if something you say might be inappropriate, don’t say it. What you should and shouldn’t say is based on an owner’s discretion.


Moderator Rules

  • Punishments are doubled for Mods who break any rules.

  • Do not kick, ban, gag, guest, or hush somebody for no reason. This is considered abuse and you will be temporarily stripped of your rank as a time-out form of punishment.

  • As a mod, you must fulfill your responsibilities. Do not use your rank to threaten those under you.

  • Do not unban anybody who has been banned before asking an owner why the person was banned.


Owner Rules

  • All punishments for rules broken by an owner are tripled.

  • Do not mod somebody you do not know until you are given a valid reason to do so.

  • The only people who should be modded are: Those with a mod rank in the army, former leaders depending on who it is, and IW legends.

  • Do not re-mod anyone who has been demoted or otherwise denied their moderator status by a leader.


Other Rules

  • Blackmailing someone to promote / demote somebody is not allowed.

  • You can only earn ranks by coming to battles and receiving promotions. You may not bribe an owner for mod. “Buying” a rank or attempting to buy a rank can result in a ban.

  • Once you have been demodded, you can not be remodded, unless approved by a leader.

  • Doing personal tasks for an owner or main owner will not increase your chances of getting promoted.

  • Do not use any friendships with moderators and owners to earn any sort of rank.


Use any of these cool avatars as your picture on chat!


41 Responses

  1. second

  2. eh its cool

  3. hi

  4. when is our next battle

  5. hi I attended the battle btw

  6. The chat is blocked for me can you kind of edit it

  7. tenth

  8. WOOOO

  9. i im new to ice warriors

  10. i am new

  11. club penguin is cool

  12. yay ice warriors

  13. how do u get free membership?

  14. Hi, why was I banned?

  15. yea why was I banned? i have been trying to re apply but it wont work! can someone please help me? im gmurray1223

  16. I was banned for no reason. I was recruiting and forgot I had that autotyping thing on and it started sending chat messages. 1. I said it was an accident. 2. I was advertising this army. It’s not like I was advertising some other army. We have a battle in less than two hours and I have no idea how long I was banned for. This is really bad planning in my opinion.

  17. Guys water Vikings have sparkles as thier capital, how about a raid?

  18. how do I get free memership

  19. I was banned for no reason

  20. So I applied. (I am new). what happens now?

  21. 1. Club Penguin Username: Popstarjosh1
    3. .
    4. yes all except on the 8th
    5. Not recently because I have not been given a rank

  22. Hello!!!! I am new, when and how do we battle?

  23. hey i got banned from chat for no reason. I was in battle with IW fighting NW at the time, then I came back to see myself get banned. HELP ME!!!!!!!

  24. when is the next battle..?


  26. and how do we fifgure out what rank

    • Hello! Come to our chat to chat with us!

      Sadly our battle was cancelled today, but we’ll be having a lot more this week! I hope you are able to attend 😀

  27. I got banned for what I did

  28. hi

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