Here at IW, we like to give out memberships to those who show courage on the battlefield and loyalty to the army. Follow this guide to learn how to obtain your own membership.

1. Membership codes are given AFTER battles. In order to receive a membership code, you must attend a battle. We have battles almost every day. On the right sidebar of this site you can see a countdown with the server and room of every battle. Make sure to attend that battle to get your membership.

2. Make sure you are on the Ice Warriors chat. You must always be on our chat to receive battle commands and to talk to other people who joined this army. Chat can be found below.

3. If you failed to get a membership code first, don’t worry. Just simply attend another battle and you should be able to get a code.

4. If you receive a membership code, that doesn’t mean you have to leave the army. You can keep attending battles to win even more membership codes!

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