Ice Warriors Ranks

FNOTE: If you haven’t received a rank yet, you must report to our chat, and speak to a leader!


Blizzard = USA

Polar = UK

Arctic = AUSIA

How to find your rank:

For Windows Users: Hold down the “Ctrl” key and then press “F” on your keyboard. This opens a Find window. Type in your Club Penguin name (the one on the ranks). Click the “Next” button if necessary. It should highlight your name on the ranks. Then just check what rank you are listed under.

For Mac Users: Hold down the Apple/Command key and then press “F” on your keyboard. This opens a Find window. Type in your Club Penguin name (the one on the ranks). Click the “Next” button if necessary. It should highlight your name on the ranks. Then just check what rank you are listed under.




❗ Ice Warriors Ranks ❗

Spy || Andrew24|| Ghost || Spikey



Firestar || Chip || xSirAndrew || Antonio || Security || Flamez  || Flames370

Zunny || Daisy Bloom 4 || Hersh || Jack


 Aquamarine, Freddy2Feet, Emperor, Saltybacon, JT, Bolt

Coleslaw7175, Mortico, Mordie, 95_spider, Kingcheesy


Andy21441, Epengo, BooBoo, Fedd76


Lighting Bolt, Zack, Shad



Lucy, FFMBColeman, Rebel1


Agente Atena, Rixxor, Keira, Fredie_81

kh4oi, Blipupeople, sergio, Armando3331, Caelancox

bnmkkd, Gloria2588, mega super2, jellibelli11, gwen1214


Justin Meyer, Cadece, powersas200

chint2002, Ichigolkj, MiliMan2

GurlyStumpy0, chint, Tori, madeline989, Gabriel44857

kayla, MileyCuyas, Bee, Buggez, Abigail, RealDuck1, Wolfberry68, macs13450, Barney0934


neopixie, FrozenBandit, FrostDragon, Snowflake363, theham3, Rosey22xd, xxFlareonxx, MFPgammer22

Evan, Robbstark, gulia03, kya, Raipingu, spypup21, Notlastim Una400, eever, Krisha, blackking1, Cupid7851, bryce, nelson99999, mierdaculo2, bigmomma100, jacob,jake,BOB,Draven,fredie81, 2LightBolt2, Peppercorn20, Blizzardgale, priya, Alexandra, keaton, Xsuperxpepex, bobgismo, Kkooo, Patrickwc, ashstar17, rachel, Arrant, Loofu, Happypengoo6, jayriddle, MEENAPOPPA, rusa, James, Alejandro, Mazingpengu, MaxTheIsland, gxm gjc222, Tony, alkoroteev12, Amanda, Sarah, ashley, Gianna0987, Ella, Claunu, Homieguy, RockyMiles, Gary3008, Hallkatla, cohete verde, wuuvvw, Kylie, maymol789, Banjo432, Bob, RileyRoo005, Obdog, icecream563, Joel, Wolf Fire201, Seth, irenson, Pinky7813, shamboy13, tohuy10, IggyPiggy3, Animee1, Blossom362, mursu100, mussyrox, Littleaa1, Roonyey8252, Shimmer664, niamhhogan27, simonetta, Ronav, snowyrosie1, Poody11, Artemis,  MaxTheIsland, wilford, caitlin, Tabish22, Abi, Lauren, mario6506, leilanyy, Max Masher, Camo1999, Max Masher, Gabe, carsonw149, toutou2345, Imogen, NorthStar, pricess4067, Ruby, FishPopCubem, Akira115, Aidan, Animaljam550, Una400, MtnDew, Kimmorena, Divya898, Dino8686, Bruce, Cesar, penneyrae, Efoer48, Layla, MFPgammer22, Fefeme22, Draxlar, Gaintthing, pewguylol, Tigermonkee2, Taylor1331, toby5, ping8643, Nikki401, olivia, Saylm, sonic795, NadzWizard, pennington3, pikachu7797



Final Chaser || Iceyfeet1234 || Cargo

328 Responses

  1. Hello Penguin Pals’

    To be ranked, you have to fill out the form on the join page. If you haven’t, go here to fill out the form: If you already have submited the App wait for 24 hours. If you still are not added to ranks then go to and pc an owner telling them to add you to ranks.

  2. Hi Still Not On Ranks!?!?

  3. still not on ranks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! still!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. im not on ranks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. NOT ON RANKS!!!!

  6. Hey I’m not on ranks??
    I’m UK (:

  7. my cp name is Jeaden3 and my Xat name is Voltorb and i joined and aint on ranks.

  8. albc i m i m online from many days but u didnt add me in mod ranks\

    i m bart

  9. im english

  10. I have no place on the ranks

  11. im uk sadly not on ranks!!!!!!!!

    help sammie please

  12. im not in ranks im us

  13. YAY! I AM ON THE RANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. I am still not on ranks I am simarita6

  15. I am us

  16. I am not on the ranks

  17. not in the ranks

  18. I’m not on the ranks yet!

  19. not on ranks I joined a place but tapped the X icon but not on ranks here sadly!

  20. on ranks it has not got me I am kendrapoops I should be on ranks

  21. can someone please put on a rank i submited a fourm thing

  22. When will i be on ranks?

  23. I’m not in the ranks.. My name is Pippilove and I’m usa

  24. not on ranks yet

  25. not in ranks just yet. Name: I am NOT a boy
    Country: UK
    Only putting this stuff on because Pippilove did.

  26. Let me do that again.
    1. Corporal
    2. winston79914
    3. UK

  27. put me on ranks or joining another army! thanks!

  28. I am not on ranks
    I am Ritz1125
    USA division

  29. Just filled out the form to join; I’m in the USA.

  30. im not on ranks I’m clid3

  31. Hi, I am banned on IW forever for no reason can you plz unban me im Bob on xat.

  32. im not on the ranks please i want to help youll

  33. I Am still not on the ranks…. I am From the USA and My CP Name is FUNCOOL2

  34. hi I signed up like 2 weeks ago please put me in ranks I am from the USA.

  35. I’ve waited the two days it said it’ll take for me to get ranked, and i’m not ranked yet. I’m U.S.

  36. I’ve waited the two days it’s said I have to wait to be ranked and i’m still not ranked. I’m (Username) Miss Rosie56 from the U.S.

    • Sorry I posted twice, that was accidental. I don’t know how to delete the post so I can’t remove it.

  37. I’m not on ranks. Maybe it’s only cuz i’ve been a member of the IW for only a few hours. My username is Totopup2011, from the UK

  38. ive taken part in battles and been apart of this group yet im still not up on ranks page

  39. waiting will I be up soon?


  41. Hi there! In our battles, can I change only the body item? ( My item list is long and my computer is really laggy )

  42. I joined a few days ago but I am not in the ranks. I am from the USA and my username is Peaches7114 . It isn’t a big deal I was just hoping to be in the ranks.

  43. Still no rank 😦

  44. Still not on ranks I live in NZ so I guess I will be AUSIA Munchkin

  45. Aye, I haven’t been added yet. I am Peiweigirl and I am from the U.S.A Division.

  46. P.S. Andrew, I am from the US branch.

  47. Still not the ranks Name: Munchkn
    Branch: AUSIA

  48. I havent been added on the ranks…Im candiluv12 and im from the USA division

  49. Can you put me on?

  50. Aye, I attended the Semi-Finals today, I also applied for the ranks a few days ago so I don’t quite know my rank.

  51. IM NOT IN RANKS???

  52. Still no rank. been an ice warrior for about 2 weeks. I am in the USA

  53. I need a rank, UK troop. Name:sparksedge

  54. Not in the ranks… been on for a WEEK…. I would also like a NZST or a AEST… My name is Munchkn and I will be in AUSIA


  56. I spoke to Andrew24 he added me on ranks but Its not on there…

  57. hi, im not on the ranks i applied last saturday plz help 🙂

  58. Hi, I applied today


    • If you read the post it says “NOTE: If you haven’t received a rank yet, you must report to our chat, http:/ and tell an owner” I suggest you try doing this rather then raging in a comment about you not reading the full message.

  60. Ice Warriors are just not the same anymore when you banished 3 long time vets forever for speaking their opinion cough Cece Gord and Aqua cough < ALL former owners from 2010-whenever

  61. im slippery3909 and im still not on the ranks

  62. im big436 im from uk and would like to join

  63. hi still not in the ranks. My cp name is- gogirl91213

  64. thanks
    icewarriors rule!

  65. Hi, I still not in the ranks. my cp name is Ston1234

  66. I’m not on the ranks my name is ris213 and I’m from the usa.

  67. Please add me to the ranks. My name is Petey222 and I’m from the USA.

  68. Please add me to the ranks. My cp name is Cloey730 and I’m from the USA.

  69. name: therobot221 Not added yet and i have attended two events im from asia

  70. I’m not there… um, help?

  71. 4 days and still I am not added

  72. I’ve been trying to get added, I entered twice! 😦 I’m lolo54212 USA and I really want to do this!!

  73. These ranks need a bit of updating…. xD

  74. when can we get promoted like we did a promo battle but we did not get promoted. Weird.

  75. i’m not on the ranks yet.

  76. I joined yesterday and im still not on ranks

  77. never mind I found my rank

  78. when i look up my name, it doesnt show what rank i am

  79. On the regular club penguin my penguin name is chesterpoo1 But call me lemmy im a corporal

  80. im in the usa but i go to the est war

  81. hey ive applied for ice troopers 2 days back. pls add me XD.thx 🙂
    my name is real friend2

  82. Hi I’m still not ranked and I’ve been a member for about half a month now, my CP name is Squigglylove and from South Africa but I go to the UK war can you help.

  83. Now on the ranks 😦

  84. i am head colonel :p

  85. plzz promote me because i am mod since 3 weeks

  86. please add me to ranks i’m from usa

  87. Legend Rare’s still around from time to time. Keep me on the ranks.

  88. when will I get a rank, I have been here for over a month.

  89. no promos cuz i didnt see my rank go up

  90. I am applying for a temporary leave. Today-June 4th
    Rank: Head Major
    Good luck IW!

  91. Ah found me Im a Captain!

  92. Im still not on the ranks!

  93. ive been taken off the ranks im pikachu i was a corpral

  94. I am not on ranks.

  95. I’m waiting for ranks to be updated

  96. im not there

  97. I’ve been part of this army for about 3 months and never been on the rank lists

  98. I haven’t been promoted in like a month

  99. im not on the ranks
    club penguin user: penny mcpink
    how long i’ve been on ice warriors: 2 years. (i just had not joined yet)
    xat username: trinity the fox
    xat registerd name: penny mcpink

  100. hey i am jester and i am 6ic make me on ranks pls


  102. Hi i amnot ln the ranka my username is Hanal i joined a week ago please add me .

  103. Hey guys! I checked ranks and saw my name, but was misspelled (Fredy1) and calling me Fedy1, so fix the problem. I’m caporal.

  104. I requested to join yesterday but I’m still not here… Help please!

  105. I think we should have another active count.

  106. did I get demoted off the ranks because I looked on the demoted/promoted ranks and I was in red

  107. These still need to be updated…

  108. Name:pagaleo1

  109. I should be at least a marshall.

  110. The ctrl key + F doesn’t work for me, so how do i find my rank?? it says 0 out of 0 btw.

  111. Hi and I just wanted to ask why am i still not on ranks?

    • It’s been about a week since I have joined and I have participated in events and been loyal. Do we have to wait until the ending date?

  112. Hi my username is Nansia, I joined yesterday I don’t think I got a rank I would appreciate it if I was added I look forward to seeing you at the Battle! ( I re-did a form).

  113. smile

  114. Hi my CP name is Tman 46 and I joined around 3 months ago and I’ve still not got a rank D:

  115. i want mod

  116. My CP name is Anna41826 and I joined a week ago but I’m still not in the ranks. Any chance you could add me there? Thanks!

  117. I joined about 2 days ago and I’m still not in the ranks. My CP name is Bubbles5466 and I’m in the USA. Can you please add me in the ranks? Thanks.

  118. i joined a month a go still not in ranks

  119. Hey i didn’t find my username (it’s 54pinkbird) can you add me please? 🙂

  120. My CP name is Leonardo7144. I joined one year ago and my name is not on ranks yet. What do i do?


  122. I joined a few days ago and still not on ranks???

  123. not on ranks… don’t know what happened…

  124. The current mod and ownership is great here

  125. I’m not on the ranks, can you help? I’m UK.

  126. i have been asked to comment this by a new troop:
    user: bhavy1
    timezone: UTC+5:30

  127. Hi, I’m Meeping/Omega. Can I be added to the ranks?

  128. can i know my rank????

  129. dont have a rank. I am in the usa

  130. hello im nt in the ranks yeT..

  131. still dont have a rank

  132. The chat is blocked for me so can I get a rank?

  133. And i’m in the UK

  134. hey can i noe about the membership code



  137. i have attend the ivation of hibernation

  138. howw can i have membership

  139. How do you get the uniform?Where do you put the code?

  140. how do you get membership

  141. my username is soo old but i buy and do everything on it lol im //prettyparis2 USA dont have a rank yet

  142. How dare you fire Sam you inconsiderate cunt

  143. Signed up 3 days ago and attended a battle but no rank 😒 from the UK btw

  144. Attended a battle and signed up 3 days ago but no rank pls add me my name is pinkypie3829 and I’m from the UK!

  145. i cant see me all there only is theres just random users

  146. plus my name is mialolipop1

  147. i stiil havent got a rank from 3 weeks a go

  148. so many people on ranks lol :p

  149. Hi it’s been a few months since I applied and I’m still not on the ranks ( I think) can I please have a rank

  150. hi im not on ranks yet im killdawolf and uk

  151. hello i want to tell you 5 days not got in ranks my username is boyman109

  152. i got their before you killdawolf

  153. 2 months had not on ranks

  154. January 1st 1000? wow

  155. Thankyou for adding me 🙂

  156. You guys REALLY need to clean up your ranks *wary*

  157. i want to be added

  158. Member ship

  159. Make sure to comment on the active account to keep your rank guys!

  160. i wanna be a member ! 😦

  161. Hey guys, I am not on the ranks. Could u pls put me on them.
    1. My username on CP is Satvikgvs and on xat it is Mako Shark or ProfessorKillerS
    2.I don’t know my rank
    3. UTC-6:00
    4. I am active most of the time

  162. hi

  163. Penguin Name: Penguin5217
    Will you be active and loyal to the Ice Warriors?: Yes!
    Will you bookmark our site/chat to help you remember it?: Yes
    How did you hear about us? If someone told you about us, what was their name?: Penguins
    Have you been in any other armies? If so which ones?: LT

  164. 1. Club Penguin Username/Name on Chat: TheMCWarrior
    2. What’s your Rank? Leave empty if you don’t know. I dont have one that is why I am doing this post
    2. Time Zone? Leave empty if you don’t know. Eastern Time,Canada
    3. How Active are you? Be honest about this Well 1/10 because I made this account not long ago. But If I get a rank I will become more active like 7/10 or 8/10!

  165. My cp name is Dominic9001
    My rank is probably Major General Im a mod so
    My time zone is EST
    Im active most of the time unless I have school work
    My name on chat is DerpyNarwhal, I would like to be put as DerpyNarwhal on ranks thanks!

  166. Can U please but me back i was on holiday :(.. Name Pinky12857 i was head major

  167. I’m sorry to bother you but you spelled my name wrong on the ranks. You spelled my name as Sylveater886 when my name is Sylvester886. I’m a private. Thank you so much for being part of the Ice Warriors staff; I really appreciate you doing this and I really enjoy yours and the Blue Miners Army’s battles!

  168. Harroooo Im DerpyKirby/DerpyNarwhal you spelt me username wrong its Dominic9001 this REALLLLYYY Annoys me please fix it BAIIII

  169. can you put me on the ranks I am fireballee1

  170. I’m not on the ranks list I joined 3 DAYS AGO please put me on!

  171. i want my rank back
    i am corparal

  172. can someone add me to the ranks it has been 24 hours

  173. im sorry iw for not being loyal ect. plz forgive me i promise i will do my job as an ice warrior! (school and stuff first lol) please forgive me i made a mistake everyone does and im sorry please let me back in. i hope you can frogive me -rainbows1225

  174. some one mod me

  175. I have not gotten a rank yet I am in the Usa and I joined yesterday

  176. Hey,can i be added on the ranks? Cp name:Amazingcp

  177. I can’t find myself I tried Crt F already my username is Hornmisster

  178. Hey.IceyFeet.Can u give me onwer now plz!!!!!

  179. Add me back on ranks. I’m a 5ic

  180. I used to be in the rans but for some reason i am not in it anymore

  181. i live in canada and I’m little pug

  182. Just so you guys don’t kick me, I’m known as Sharp on and Civicfan1986 on Club Penguin, You guys choose which name you want on the rankings.

  183. Also I live in the United States.

  184. Hello , I ‘ve searched the rows and do not appear and I have been many times in the xat and in 6 battles, I am evelio 40556

  185. im not in the ranks..PUT ME ON…please

  186. Not on ranks, but I don’t mind the wait

  187. put me in the ranks or i find another army thanks!

  188. when i say that they just give me the offical page and thats not helping so just try to put me on the list!thanks for listening!!!! 🙂

  189. thanks for putting me on! i also cant wait for the battle today!yay!

  190. I have applied for an owner position, any idea when I will be on here?


  192. Hey since I am a moderator now can you guys put me above the moderator line?

  193. Since I am a moderator can you guys put me above the mod line?

  194. Since I’m a moderator, leave Lord Legend on the moderator line.

    • ik why do keep getting mail

      On Wed, May 25, 2016 at 8:59 PM, Club Penguin: ICE WARRIORS || ICE GUARDIANS wrote:

      > petey222 commented: “R.I.P” >

  195. hi, IM mene im from IST and my cp name is justin b 111..waiting for a rank as the owner said TraderiWLeader (1511320227)

  196. Not on ranks yet

  197. I’m USA and I haven’t been ranked yet

  198. nataleealan, USA

  199. iw is deaddddddddddd

  200. im still not ranked im in usa and singed up 2 days ago

  201. hi im not on ranks my name is pj0427 had the form 2 days ago

  202. i can’t figure out what rank i am

  203. PUT ME ON RANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :3

  204. It’s been 5 years since I’ve been an Ice Warrior, how’s everyone doing? 🙂 Quick question, will the Ice Warriors be moving to Club Penguin Island once it’s released? I’d be interested in rejoining if so if you guys move over. I can’t rejoin right now as I won’t be able to make it to the final event tomorrow. I can’t attempt to make it though. I used to be a Major….. here’s a Wayback machine page to the old ranks.

    Thanks guys, hope to rejoin soon. 🙂

    • Hey Coleman! First of all: We’ll be having many events and many battles against the armies in the community all the way till the last day of CP. Thursday won’t be our final event, insread it’ll be our re-opening event! If you’d love to rejoin let us know!! Nice to have you back pal!

      • I’d definitely love to rejoin. I signed up again via the form. I’ll do my best to be there tomorrow, but if not then, I’ll be there at the next event. Go Ice Warriors! 🙂

      • Make sure to visit our chatroom!!

  205. Hello Penguin Pals’

    To be ranked, you have to fill out the form on the join page. If you haven’t, go here to fill out the form: If you already have submited the App wait for 24 hours. If you still are not added to ranks then go to and pc an owner telling them to add you to ranks.

  206. if ur not in the ranks, do u not count at battles?

    • Hello Smile.
      It’s not like that. Even if you’re not added to ranks and still came to a battle, you will be counted as a part of Ice Warriors. Infact, not only a part, but a really important part.
      Can You tell me your CLub Penguin name so I can add you to ranks?

  207. How long does it usually take to get ranked and what do each ranks do

    • It will take 24 hours. However, if you’re not ranked yet, let me know! Each rank has it own role. They start from Private which means new recruits and goes above to Mods who are known to be experienced troops and then to owners to take care of the army

  208. Its been over 24 hours and i haven’t been added
    i’m in the UK btw

  209. I’m Ode Af, I requested to be added over 48 hours ago, and it still hasn’t happened. How do I get this fixed?

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